A comprehensive guide to the plants that benefit the bees of the British Isles




ISBN—10: 0-86098-271-8

ISBN—13: 978-0-86098-271-5

Publication date: September 2012

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Format: 250 x 192mm, case-bound

Category: Natural History/Gardening

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Plants for Bees / WDJ Kirk & FN Howes



Plants for Bees is a beautifully illustrated and informative book that provides gardeners, beekeepers and bee lovers with all the information they need to create a healthy environment for the many species of bee in the British Isles.


It is widely known that our bee population is under threat and that honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees are all in decline. Our own population growth directly impacts that of the bee as intensive agriculture and development for housing decimates the bees’ natural habitats.


Our gardens are therefore fast-becoming an alternative home for many of our bee species and for our native bees to survive and thrive these spaces are crucial.


In this fascinating book, Dr William Kirk and Dr Frank Howes explain the importance of planting flowers for both long- and short-tongued bee species and sets out clearly which plants benefit which type. A simple key system allows gardeners to quickly identify the advantages of more than 300 plants for each type of bee and the information is punctuated by stunning photography.


Supported by contributions from leading experts in the field this book is not just an information resource, it is also a practical handbook and a beautiful collection for anyone interested in bees and the valuable contribution they make to our lives.


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